This Theme Twenty-Ten

Twenty-Ten theme for a larger content area

This lets you have more options with more text on a line and larger images.

Castle House in Heidelberg

Castle House in Heidelberg

Image-align Right

In this¬†example we have a medium sized picture used to demonstrate “image alignment” . ¬†That is the relationship between the text and an image used with it in terms of placement within the content container. This larger image works better for captions as well, which could be a desired feature on a travel-blog site for example.

Center image-alignment

One more option to explore. What happens now when more text is added and the nextline appears? This is a test of adding more text and then going beyond the image to continue below it.

Castle House in Heidelberg

Castle House in Heidelberg

Note that this is a “centered” custom-size, which would work great for a travel blog!

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WordPress 101 link added to Main Menu


This shows the dashboard for my Personal Site along with a Link to the address of my WordPress tutorial site,

The site title is not about the level of the material but rather the classroom number where the course was given!

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Photo Gallery

This gallery contains 12 photos.

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WordPress Dashboard Quick Draft

WordPress makes it easy to quickly add “draft content” via the Dashboard Quick Draft, and then Save Draft.

This makes it easier than ever to do more posts and add images later, as is shown below!


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Remember those people who had the best notes?

From notes to Laptops and beyond

From High School to University to Tech School, for every course there were always people who seemed to have the best notes, and others whose notes were virtually useless. Notes helped you organize your thoughts and put things into a logical taxonomy for easier access later.

Now, with portable Tablets, iPads, Laptops there’s really no reason not to grab key information and even images for later use and elaboration via editing.

My Notes were the original inspiration for my PC Encyclo



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Take Notes and Use Them!

Notes: The first step in learning something

It’s too obvious, but the simple things usually are. If you are trying to learn something, why not “write it down” and then later save it in digital format so you can email it or store it on digital media for even later use.

Paper Memory to Laptops to USB Drives

The old “paper-memory” notes days, where your notes disappeared after taking a course, are no longer the way to go. The sooner you digitize it into a laptop, the sooner you can store it on a USB drive as well

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